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Maintenance Welding – Maintenance technicians have to be the jack of all trades, but welding typically – in my experience – is not commonly their strong suit! There’s a common misconception made by management, that everybody can weld. And while most maintenance technicians have welded before, that doesn’t make them a skilled welder. Because most technicians do not have a solid foundation in welding, it’s important to provide them with at least a basic level of skills and to get them all on the same page.

I like to get the training started with everyone receiving some classroom training if possible to get everyone on the same page, but it’s not mandatory.  This allows me to provide them with some solid foundation in safety, properties of materials they are welding, weld procedures, and other welding process information.  Then it’s all shop training from there.  Training can be provided either on straight day shift hours, or split between day and night hours so techs on both shifts can be involved each time I’m there, or on any shift.

All training is tailored to your needs, but typically I would provide training in all welding processes your techs would use:  TIG, MIG and Stick.

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