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Working with Rick at WTS has been nothing but a success. Rick is working with us at six of our plants. When we started, our maintenance guys were not good welders. While welding is not their main job, it is a critical part of what they do. Big job or small job, we needed our welders to get better. Rick has worked with me to create a program suited to our needs and we are progressing through it. The difference in our welders has been nothing short of amazing. These guys are now confident, and their welds are much better. We do not work in a clean, comfortable environment and Rick takes that into account when instructing. Perhaps the most important thing I can say is that my maintenance guys frequently tell me that their skills are improving, and they thank me for finding Rick and Welding Training Solutions.

Working with Welding Training Solutions saved our project! WTS came to our location and trained a large group of welders on-site under less than optimal conditions on our end. We were under a very tight schedule and Rick came through in every aspect from the training to ensuring we had the correct certification paper work. Even after rick had left, he was still available and eager to help in any way he could from weld inspections, to equipment setup. Top notch program from WTS!

WTS helped us establish the correct weld procedure and welder certifications allowing us to expand our fabricating capabilities. Rick was very helpful and patient during the training and practice time with the welders. Rick’s flexible availability allowed us to schedule the onsite training days at our convenience.

Rick is a great trainer and has helped my manufacturing customers to improve the quality, safety and speed of delivery of their MIG, TIG and stick welded products.

I have contracted with Welding Training Solutions for a wide range of training projects over the past few years.  Rick has become my go-to for onsite on shift training.  Rick not only has a broad base of knowledge and experience in the welding craft, he has the ability to tailor his training to the specific needs of each individual.  My clients are always very pleased with the outcome of their training projects!

Working with Rick to train our crew has been a great experience.  He has been very understanding of our needs and our sometimes unpredictable scheduling.  One thing you need to get right in training is how well your information is received by those being trained.  Rick has the ability to do this no matter the skill level or personality of the individual he is working with.  Not only did our crew learn the proper techniques and procedures based on their needs but they also developed a better appreciation for safety and standards.  You will find great benefits with training from WTS.

WTS has a great program, from the classroom setting to hands on training in the shop and manuals for future use.  I have about 22 years of welding experience and I still learned a lot of valuable techniques, tips and tricks from Rick.  I think he’s someone that anyone with any amount of experience can learn from!

I wish I knew Rick 40 years ago;  it would have saved me a lot of rework & headaches over those early years!

The training Rick provided was excellent! Unlike any other company out there, WTS was extremely flexible in providing the training on a schedule that worked for our shop. Our welders are at different skill levels and the training was individualized to meet the needs of everyone in the shop! He kept the interest of each of our guys throughout the training process, which is not easy to do. I also appreciated his pointing out safety concerns in our shop. We will continue to use WTS as our welding training provider!

The training we have received from Rick has been top notch! The attention to detail and focus on safety is outstanding. He has been very flexible with our rotating shift schedule which we had not been able to receive from any other welding training in our area. With the varied skill levels of my crew he offers a great program that is tailored to the needs of each and every tech which keeps them focused and eager to learn. I look forward to a continued relationship with WTS.

My engineers were very excited to receive training from you, and now capable of asking our customers critical questions regarding weld specs which may not be called out correctly. Thank you for the professional service you have given Blessing Industries. We are glad to have you as our source for welding training in our plant.

Rick was an excellent instructor and facilitator in getting our maintenance department compliant with basic welding practices and code. He was very diligent with the training and insured all the basics were met and the crew understood what it took to make a good, compliant weld. WTS was also instrumental in establishing the correct weld procedures and welder certifications were obtained so that we could be compliant with our welding.

I tried to convince my boss to go more local for welding training. I never thought having someone so far away come to New Jersey to do welding training would work to our benefit. BOY WAS I WRONG. Having WTS come on site in this environment worked wonders. The knowledge and experiences that were shared with all levels was spot on. I have met many trainers in my time, and Rick was the best I have come across! I learned one thing – you get what you pay for and it was worth EVERY PENNY!

In the pre-stressed concrete industry it’s critical that our fabricators know they are making welds that are compliant to American Welding Society codes. I have depended on Welding Training Solutions to provide welder certification training, because Rick is persistent in insuring that those he trains understand the concepts, techniques and procedures required to do a quality job. Rick is very upbeat in his approach to training and does a great job of managing people. I look at training as an investment, and training from WTS will give you a good return!

WTS customized our training to fit our company’s exact needs, and adjusted the training schedule to accommodate our back shifts. Rick was very good at assessing the skill level of our craftsmen and addressing their needs. WTS exceeded our expectations at 3M Company.

Welding Training Solutions has been instrumental in the past 6 years helping us develop new hires as well as re-train existing tenured employees. Rick’s ability to present the technical side which each worker needs repetitively preached and then observe and implement on-the-floor has been a huge benefit for us especially in the custom manufacturing industry.

Every time Rick helps us with our welding processes we learn something new.  Having him come in and observe our welding fabrication applications has been invaluable to us.  It doesn’t matter how many years your people have been welding, everybody can keep learning…and Rick has a great way of teaching and encouraging them!

Welding is a craft that requires both proper training and proper practice!
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