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ON-SITE WELDING TRAINING For Fabrication, Maintenance and Manufacturing Craftsmen

On Shift Onsite Training

One of the advantages of our services is that we bring the training to YOU, at your facility, using your equipment.

Uniquely Flexible Training

Training can be done on one shift, overlapping work shifts, or on multiple shifts as needed.

Experienced Multi-Discipline

Training is available for all welding disciplines and all manual welding processes.


Welding Safety Awareness Training

Safety Awareness

Safety Awareness – Safety is a key component to ALL the training we provide! Read More

Welder Training For Higher ROI

Higher ROI

Higher ROI – One of the advantages of our services is that we bring the training to YOU, at your facility, using your equipment. Read More

Welder Certification Training

Welder Certification

Welder Certification – More and more fabricators, manufacturers and maintenance departments are recognizing the need for certification. Read More

Structural Fabrication Welding Training

Structural Fabrication

Structural Fabrication – In structural fabrication all position welding skills are required, which is radically different than other environments.

Read More

Manufacturing Welding Training


Manufacturing – Often we confuse experience with repeated skills. Avoid your welding operators becoming complacent.

Read More

Maintenance Welding Training

Maintenance Welding

Maintenance Welding – Maintenance technicians have to be the jack of all trades, but what if welding isn’t their strong suit!

Read More

Construction Welding

Construction Welding – If you’re in the construction industry – building construction, power plant construction, bridge construction, you need qualified welders!

Read More

Pressure Piping

Pressure Piping – As you know if you’re in the pressure piping industry, skilled craftsman welders are hard to find. Better to make them!

Read More

Sanitary Welding

Sanitary Welding Training – Sanitary welding is involved any time stainless steel components are manufactured or repaired in the food products, chemical or bio-fuels industries.

Read More

Tool & Die Welding

Tool & Die Welding Training– Tool makers are often called upon to repair broken, worn or otherwise damaged tooling.

Read More

Pre-Employment Training

Pre-Employment Training – Ever have trouble finding qualified new hires? Top companies are now training candidates before hiring them.

Read More

QC Training

Welding Quality Control Training – Quality is an on-going process within the fabrication process not to be left to a weld inspector after the fact.

Read More

There’s an old saying, “Practice makes perfect.”
But practice doesn’t even make better…only more consistent!
Only GOOD practice makes better!


Are you in the process of hiring new welding operators? I can help you get them properly trained before they enter production, or provide job shadowing training to help them improve weld quality and efficiency.

Upgrade Training

Do you have new welding personnel who need their welding skills upgraded? Do you have welders you need to get certified to bring them into code compliance, but they need training to get them to that level? I can help you!

Knowledge Gap

Do your engineers have difficulty communicating the correct weld references on your welding prints? Are there gaps in understanding between fabrication welders and engineering? I can help you remedy this situation by providing some foundation training for your engineers and welding operators in understanding welding references and their application!

Don’t ask, “What if we train them and they leave?”
Rather, “What if we DON’T train them – and they STAY?”

Welding is a craft that requires both proper training and proper practice!

Straight from Our Satisfied Customers

Thanks for finding me here – Reach Out!

Rick Cowman


641 780 0288


welding training solutions contact rick cowman in iowa

“My goal in training is to help individuals understand the WHY of welding procedures and techniques so they will have a foundation of knowledge and skills to enable them to have repeated good practice.  Once solid welding habits and skills are developed, they will have the capacity to become craftsman welders and self-inspectors through experience!” -Rick Cowman

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